Interview With Phoebe Grace

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Phoebe Grace is a British designed luxury leisurewear brand made exclusively in Great Britain. Modern and feminine, flattering silhouettes, feminine touches and an abundance of fun are the foundation of the brand.

Luxury By London speaks to Co-Founder Janet about how the brand was born.

What prompted you to want to start your namesake brand and where do you find inspiration for the collections?

My eldest daughter, PHOEBE GRACE, started the brand basically in her spare time simply because she loves designing and making things.  Phoebe studied Textile Design at University and is the single most creative person I know who has tremendous style and is totally unique.  Her first prints were the Cactus Collection and they sang immediately. 

Phoebe’s first love though is film and that’s where she wanted her career to be so I came along wanting to get her designs out there for people to see.  I’ve now taken over the company and am trying to drive it forward but Phoebe is always there when it comes to the fabric patterns – together we are the brand PHOEBE GRACE.  Inspiration for both of us has always been nature – endless possibilities and beauty are found in nature.

All the pieces in the collections are made inhouse by your team. How important is it to you that all your designs are created in the UK?

I guess I have answered this really above as the feel of the collections are totally Phoebe and I mixed together, and I don’t think that will ever change – it is the brand.

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Do you look to trends for brand keep up with and follow trends or aim to start them?

We don’t look for trends particularly, but like everyone else we are influenced by what we see so in that respect it would be impossible not to be affected by the current fashions.  Other than that, though, we like to be different e.g. if we like it we go with it as long as we stand out in a beautiful way.

Where would you like to see Phoebe Grace in the next 5 years?

Gosh – we never thought we could get this far so full steam ahead and just see how many countries we can get a bit of PHOEBE GRACE into.

What are some of the challenges that your brand has faced and how did you overcome them?

Making the clothes in the UK is definitely a challenge but I think anywhere in the world is likely a challenge too.  It’s expensive in the UK and sometimes slower.  We are still trying to work it all out!

What has been your favourite part of creating the company and why?

For Phoebe I would think creating patterns and for me the unexpectedness of a new career and an excitement of the fashion industry I never knew existed.  Meeting some incredibly wonderful people from all walks of life and all tastes.

What can we expect to see from future collections?

Colour and pattern and more!


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